The FOCUS Model in Your Community

As many municipalities struggle with reducing recidivism the focus model becomes increasingly relevant. With a proven 17% recidivism rate, many have turned to Focus Reentry for the request of a replicable model. To determine if you organization is ready; here are some steps to consider.

  1. Do you have the ability to form a relationship with your local correctional facility?
  2. Do you have the ability to form a relationship with your local parole or probation department?
  3. Do you have the ability to recruit mentors?
  4. Your community will require adequate social service agencies with whom to partner (i.e. homeless shelters, day shelters, food banks, volunteering agencies, etc.).

Focus Reentry began with one mentor and one mentee and thus recognizes the difficulties of building an effective program. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls. Contact us to discuss the possibilities. We offer technical support and the experience to help you start your own successful program.