In order to address the particular needs of the critical first 72 hours, Focus Reentry has formed Team 72. This is a team of volunteers who will be activated upon a person’s release and work together to make sure they make all of the appointments they need to within the first three days of release.

All days are not created equal and some matter more than others.

For a person being released from jail, the first three days matter the most. Research shows that what happens during those precious 72 hours can make or break a person’s chances for reentry success.

Here in Boulder County, people are released from jail every day. Most have no transportation no one interested in whether they succeed or fail, and a lot of places they need to go!

The jail isn’t exactly conveniently located for someone who needs to get around town without access to transportation. A person coming out of jail probably needs to get to the probation office, locate shelter, and obtain an ID, clothing and basic hygiene items. The reality is that these early services are hard to obtain without transportation, and they can mean the difference between achieving a lasting freedom or cycling back to jail.

Members of Team 72 don’t have to make a long-term time commitment but are available to be on call to help out on an as-needed basis.

To volunteer for Team 72 please email