Focus Reentry offers training to our volunteer mentors, as well as outside agencies, community members, and organizations. The Focus Reentry training is a valuable investment that provides a breadth of knowledge and skills for volunteers and staff working in human and social services. The comprehensive training provides individuals with modules, exercises, and best practices to prepare them to work with diverse groups.

Three Focus Reentry Training Modules

1. Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based practice for guiding people towards lasting behavioral change. MI has been used in the mental health and addiction fields for many years, and more recently, in the criminal justice system. During the training participants learn the principles of MI, and have the opportunity to practice and refine basic skills and techniques.

2. Mental Illnesses and Substance Abuse

Mental Illness and Substance Abuse  is an interactive module that includes a comprehensive introduction to mental illnesses. It identifies the important issues of substance abuse, co-dependency, relapse prevention, and recovery.

3. From Learned Helplessness to Resilience

Learned Helplessness (LH) is a condition that sabotages (or in some cases even paralyzes) the person's ability to make changes and maintain resilience through the process of change. As a learned behavior, it can be unlearned. Over 30 years of research has revealed that with the right interventions, LH can be transformed into its opposite—resilience.

If you or your organization is interested in attending a Focus Reentry training or hosting our trainings, please contact our office for information and pricing at (720)- 304-6446.