About Focus Reentry

The mission of Focus Reentry is to promote successful second chances, reduce recidivism, and enhance the well-being and safety of our community. Focus Reentry mentors serve as a bridge in their clients’ transitions back into society, helping them to stabilize, rebuild their lives, and eventually achieve self-sufficiency.

We have structured our program on researched best-practices for reducing recidivism and enhancing lives. Our mentors are trained to address cognitive-behavioral changes, inspire and motivate, use positive reinforcement, and encourage ongoing support in natural communities. The program promotes positive reintegration with our clients’ children and families of origin, workplaces, and communities.

Focus Reentry also contributes to the community at large, promoting compassion, empathy, and understanding for the plights of our clients. We seek to demonstrate to the community that this change is possible; that given the right interventions, people can escape the revolving door of the criminal justice system and rebuild their lives. Eventually, we hope that, through education and civic engagement, the attitudes and beliefs of the community at large will transition to embrace this same philosophy and ensure that no marginalized populations are deemed “disposable” and lost forever in the harsh and unforgiving criminal justice system.