Focus Reentry Staff

Molly Bowers | Executive Director

Molly is a Boulder Native. She received a BA from the University of Colorado-Boulder and earned her J.D. from the Michigan State University College of Law. After graduation from Law School Molly returned to the Boulder Area.  Molly spent over three years helping incarcerated women earn their GEDs and this experience has made her passionate about reentry. In her free time she runs and does yoga.  Previously she was a member of the Focus board of directors for two years.

Lani Gordon | Program Manager |

Lani has a passion for the art of forgiveness and believes strongly in it’s ability to improve life and community.  She found Focus Reentry after a personal experience with people close to her who went through the justice system. Her experience inspired her to get involved with providing support to people trying to turn their life around after unfortunate experiences or mistakes they had made. With a background in administration, community building, and medicine, Lani works closely with Focus volunteers and clients in the 72 hour program. She believes that Focus fills a big gap of support that many don’t receive in their transition out of jail and hopes to see programs like it grow around the country and world.

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